The Church Council exercises spiritual and general oversight of the Congregation through prayerful discernment and leadership of the following:

  • Vision, values and strategy

  • Policy

  • Maintenance of organisational health

  • Accountability to our constitution and parent denominations

  • Conflict resolution.


Membership of the Council includes the Minister/s appointed to the Congregation as well as those members selected by the Congregation from time to time, and set apart to serve as Church Councillors for a period of 3 years.

Council members

Andre Parker – Council Chairperson

Antoinette Beck – Council Secretary

Johan Pretorius – Admin Councillor and Treasurer

Eric Rose-Innes – Councillor

Gillian Arendse – Councillor

Henry Truebody – Councillor

Anthony Wait – Councillor

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Andre Parker
Antoinette Beck
Johan Pretorius
Eric Rose-Innes
Gillian Arendse
Henry Truebody
Anthony Wait
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