Somerset West United Church, otherwise known by it's congregational family as SWUC, is a family of Christ-followers who have taken to heart the truth of God’s grace shown us in Jesus. We see our family life as a”grace-space” where people can feel safe enough to be authentic and free to move beyond what was, to become all that God designed them to be.

So we invite you to "come just as you are" and be the imperfect you amongst a gathering of imperfect people, doing life together.


We welcome you from the very place you find yourself. Whether you have a long-standing relationship with God; just coming to know Him or not even sure if He exits ... YOU ARE WELCOME!

We encourage you to join us just as you are, and with grace, hope and trust, we pray that you will find a place with us, that feels like "family".

© 2018 by Somerset West United Church (SWUC)

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